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loonatics unleashed characters This show has a total of 26 episodes (13 per season) and was broadcast on Kids’ WB from September 17, 2005 to May 5, 2007. Loonatics Unleashed is an American animated action-adventure science fiction series. On October 22, 2007, Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons became available for the first time in High-definition via Microsoft's Xbox Live service, including some in Spanish. To add an article, image, or category to this category, append [[Category:Loonatics Unleashed Characters]] to the end of its page. But at least I get to watch them again on that site called www. 1 The Fall of Blanc 2 Loonatics Unleashed. com See full list on fantendo. com This category is for pages and files that relate to Loonatics Unleashed fan characters. Magenta uniform. Gorlop is a wrestler that's a descendant of Gossamer, who is from a planet named after the character he's based on. the original series went on for Loonatics Unleashed is an EXTREME!! anime series based on the future EXTREME!! descendants of the Looney Toons characters who live in the year 2772 (see future). Loonatics Unleashed/Thomas Loonatics Unleashed/Spongebob Loonatics Unleashed/TUGS Loonatics Unleashed/PAC-MAN Loonatics Unleashed/Winnie The Pooh Loonatics Unleashed/Looney Tunes Loonatics Unleashed/Tiny Toon Adventures Loonatics Unleashed/Animaniacs Loonatics Unleashed/Teen Titans Loonatics Unleashed/Robin Loonatics Unleashed starts A new adventure action in acmetropolis in the year 2772 but towers in prismic rectangular form apears underground of the city by an earthquake that caused panic in the city. In the year 2772, the year that a meteor strikes the city-planet of Acmetropolis, knocking it completely off its original axis. Looney Tunes. EMT is a medical worker who removed a quill of the Beast from Charlie's chest. Coyote as Timothy Purrington Rev Runner as Fido Furlong Zadavia as Ann Gora "Dracula Unleashed" Viacom, 1993 Unfortunately, the game portrayed him as a barely contained pervert, constantly shooting lecherous gazes at the player character, but it is still the first. The LoonaticsAce Bunny The Ace: Pun-intended. This is the place for Loonatics Unleashed fans! Join Now Create Post . Family Entertainment Specific show wikis: Animaniacs The Unleashed is a second free add-on update for Boris and the Dark Survival. Plus, they're supposed to be working on a new Thundercats series for the 2008-09 season at Warner Animation, so it could be possible that many of the animators and designers of Loonatics are working on that show. 13 Comments. Updated on March 29th, 2021 Loonatics Unleashed Version 2 Wiki. It was released on September 17, 2005 and it sadly ended on May 5, 2007. They're the exact same characters in a more futuristic setting. Coyote as Wile E. Pierre Le Pew is a human who is based on Pepé Le Pew. A promo for Loonatics Unleashed, airing on Kids' WB. Dr. Pages: First | [1] | 2 | > Click the character's NAME to view the members who are married to that character. She is the beauty queen of the girls. Categories Genders. The Loonatics. Television Animation distributes the show. He is voiced by Jason Marsden. Tech was holding a gun-like invention and he held it up for everyone to see. Since it was established that the characters from all these shows lived in the same world as the Looney Tunes characters, no doubt their descendants also exist in the same time period as the Loonatics. The newly formed team are descendants of the Looney Tunes and are known as the Loonatics, they reside on the 134th floor of a large tower. However, instead of destroying the planet, the impact of Loonatics Unleashed is an action-comedy-adventure series that leaps seven hundred years into the future and introduces the superheroic descendants of the Looney Tunes gang. He fought Slam on Pierre Le Pew's command. He stole Azura Gem for Black Velvet so she could use to put the world in permanent darkness again. Keep it short and sweet. Back to LUO → Loonatics Unleashed Online message boards → Loonatics, Villains, & Other Characters Forum Statistics Registered Members: 818 Topics: 2,485 Total Posts: 117,014 Hanna-Barberics Unleashed is an American animated action-adventure-comedy television series, serving as spin-off to Loonatics Reloaded, focused on Hanna-Barbera's characters, being created by TBD. Ace Bunny as Mario Rev Runner as Luigi Danger Duck as Yoshi Lexi Bunny as Princess Peach Bia Jetstream as Princess Daisy Melina Duck as Birdo Tech E. 2 Confrontation 2. Fidel Chroniker 3 Other possible descendants 3. My drea And when each new character is introduced you don’t know the exact rules of their negating power, until it’s revealed later in the fight. Coyote - Kion (The Lion Guard) Slam Tasmanian - Spyro (Spyro Reignited Trilogy) Naza Jordan - Watuna [The Legend of the North Wind] Characters. 5 Dieter 1. Add new page. Tech works as the team's gadget maker, often inventing machinery to help the Loonatics overcome their adversaries' powers and schemes. Rev Runner. Category page. 2013-2772, descendents of looney tunes the future also image CODE LYOKO in that year 2772 the future on Loonatics. 2 Full Plot 2 Cast 3 Quotes 4 Trivia Chris Pratt as Ace Bunny, TBD Alison Brie as Lexi Bunny, TBD Even though it was over hundred, a freak cold front comes through the city, freezing everything in its path. Bia is also Laura Jane Coyote's best friend and like her ancestor, she turns out to be a damsel-in-distress. Danger Duck (usually referred to as just Duck) is the spotlight hungry, egotistical member of the Loonatics and wears an orange uniform. "The Awakening of Super Power! Trunks Has Surpassed his Father Vegeta") is the eighty-second episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai. 3 Final Battle Loonatics Unleashed is an American animated series produced by Warner Bros. Loonatics Unleashedis anAmericananimated television seriesproduced byWarner Bros. Before gaining his powers, Tech was a student at the Acme Tech University. This is a wiki, a website that anyone, including you, can edit. Wiki Targeted (Entertainment) Do you like this video? Play Sound September 17, 2005 Ace Bunny is the main protagonist of the cartoon series, Loonatics Unleashed. 3 Klaus 1. 2 Comments. He was voiced by Charlie Adler. Animation Warner Bros. 1 "Secrets of the Marvin has now declared that will destroy the Loonatic's planet, so now Lexi stepps up to save it. The idea of the descendants of the original loony toons becoming superheroes is such a great concept. Following. unleashed loonaticsunleashed loonatics_unleashed looney tunes bunny looneytunes loona lexi tech. Ace is clever, savvy, a born leader, who wears his uniform with yellow accents. 1 Loonatics Unleashed: Danger Duck, Ace Bunny, Lexi Bunny, Tech E. 1 Synopsis 1. Leghorn. He was voiced by Khary Payton. Tina Russo Duck's descendant. Katelyn Siren * high senses * ice vision * sonic scream * stealth Oddity Creatures Gorilla-Snake Attacks the Loonatics. Ace Bunny: You've outdone yourself, Tech. 2 Dr. 4 "Weathering Heights" 2. Before gaining his powers, Duck worked as a swimming pool cleaner, and true to form, he dreamed of becoming a lifeguard. Optimatus is the primary antagonist of the Loonatics Unleashed two part "Acmegeddon" and in certain ways is the main antagonist turned anti hero of the entire series, since he unintentionally created the supernatural forces that have plagued Acmetropolis by launching the meteor that struck it. She has inherited Lola's athletic skills, as Lola plays basketball and tennis. Reputation. 1 Relationships 1. If I weren't in such a funk over Loonatics Unleashed , I'd have made a play on words in the last sentence and called it a "hare-binger. Animation (with under licence from Hanna-Barbera Productions) and aired on Cartoon Network from 2022 until TBD. com It was pretty cool and funny and it kinda makes me wanna draw my own Loonatic character. 1 Synopsis 1. I love the characters, the plot, the villains. Ace is cool, calm, and collected most of the time. He also have the power of Teleportation and can shoot Power Orbs from his hands. Lexi is the descendants of Lola Bunny and Babs Bunny and she is the only female in the group. Note: This is a work of mere fiction, any supernatural concept depicted here shall not be believed in or practiced in any way. He was played by Craig Alan Edwards. Garuda 2. Sadly, most browser are unable to play this format. Sometime before the meteor's impact, he had been tasked with Loonatics need to stop Thaddeus Dare from destroying the surface world Players will encounter a set of various Porsche AG employees whilst playing the Factory Driver mode in Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. 7 "The World is My Circus" 2. A majority of these appearances try to emulate Chuck Jones of the characters. " Paco Le Pew is the descendant of Pepe Le Pew. Radio: This is the hottest year in the history of Acmetropolis. Retrieved from " https://warnerbros. 14 Phase 13 1. As Looney Tunes começaram como composições musicais de aventuras de personagens de desenhos animados como Bosko e Buddy. Daffy Duck's descendant. Welcome to the Kids' WB! Wiki, a wiki about Kids' WB! programming, characters and related material. Unlike his ancestor, Rev speaks English rather than saying "meep meep". 2 In Search of Tweetums 2 Plot 2. Childhood friend of Chopper and Lexi. 2 Lexi Bunny 1. -Aah! Aah! Aah! -Aah! -(screaming) Watch out! The iceberg then begins to freeze over Acmetropolis as well as Gorlop is a character on Loonatics Unleashed. 1 Mr. Please help General Deuce is a power-mad dictator who is a sworn enemy of the Loonaticsand the main antagonist of Loonatics Unleashed. com See full list on shipping. Leghorn, Despite Their different Species) Melvin The Martian as Marvin The Martian Electro J. I remember I used to watch this show "Loonatics Unleashed" on Kids' WB when I was a kid and somehow I stopped watchin' them. 7 Phase 6 1. Coyote, and he also likes Tech's friend Rev Runner as a favorite character red as ace bunny silver as Lexi bunny sonic as rev runner Lord garmadon as tech venom as slam Robin as danger duck Add a photo to this gallery Ace Bunny as Jake Clawson Lexi Bunny as Felina Feral Danger Duck as Kevin McPaw Slam Tasmanian as Chance Furlong Tech E. 6 "The Comet Cometh" 2. 1 Ace Bunny 4. This article details fictional characters in the animated television series Loonatics Unleashed. This video file is only available in AVI format. Unnamed Characters from Episode ("Unleashed"): 1 Animal Control #2 2 EMT 3 MIT Girl #1 4 MIT Guy #1 5 MIT Guy #2 6 Mom 7 Newscaster 8 Receptionist 9 Tucker Matt was an Animal Control officer killed by the Beast. Josh's favorite character on the show is Tech E. The theme significantly changed for the second season. watch 01:43. Lexi Bunny is an anthropomorphic rabbit and the only female member of the Loonatics in the animated TV series Loonatics Unleashed. Early promotions of the show made some fans fear the Loonatics would replace classic Looney Tunes characters. watchcartoononline. Para ver cosas randoms de la serie ya sea memes o cualquier cosa chafa ok no Bianca "Bia" Jetstream is the love interest of Rev Runner of Loonatics Unleashed. org Loonatics Unleashed is a spin-off of the Looney Tunes franchise created by Adam Trevor Grant and Joseph Louis Grant that lasted from 2005 to 2007. 8 "Stop the World, I Want to Get Off" 2. They were created by Mastermind when she got DNA samples from the Loonatics: A bit of Ace's tail fur, Lexi's hair, a bit of fur from Tech's tar, Rev's tail feathers, several of Duck's feathers, and Slam's back fur. A new item, Lost Paper, is Unfortunately, characters cannot be transferred across the Console and PC platforms since the data is separately managed for the two platforms. Sharko as Ace Bunny Marina as Lexi Bunny Zig as Tech E. More Communities. The Loonatics all gathered around the meeting table to wait for Zadavia to wait for her to give them a mission, but she didn't appear in the hologram like she was supposed to. 5 Production Notes 7 References Início. 1,116 likes · 7 talking about this. Pooh's Adventures of Loonatics Unleashed is another upcoming Pooh's Adventures TV show by Yakko Warner. 2 Ophiuchus Sam 3. Lauren Chapman was a MIT student and Drake Sypher (Loonatics Unleashed) can steal both the superpowers and natural abilities of anyone he touches, but those whose powers he absorbs can steal them back by touching him. Sylth Vester is a character from Loonatics Unleashed. Ace Bunny- Leader of the Loonatics. 12 Loonatics United: Module 1 » by Grant Crose Acmetropolis has suffered a devastating attack from its inside, now the Loonatics have to deal with harsh consequences and new menaces. Coyote Bernie as Rev Runner Manic Mermaid as Naza Jordan Oggy (from Oggy and the Cockroaches) as Danger Duck Bob (from Oggy and the Cockroaches) as Slam Tasmanian Introduction to Loonatics Unleashed Version 2 Wiki. Loonatics Unleashed Version 2 Wiki. ! as my friends because she's awesome Duuuuuuh. Living in the year 2772 The Force Unleashed is a Star Wars sub-franchise focusing on over-the-top use of Force Powers in a hack and slash type environment Summary Short summary describing this franchise. Fidel Chroniker Other Loonatics Unleashed. Lexi Bunny. Follow/Fav Loonatics Unleashed: Sarah Wolf By: Crimson Ice Flame Sarah Parker is a seventeen year old teenager who had been put through hell by her mother and brother after her father was killed. Loonatics Unleashed Characters 10. 1 Canon 2 Fanon 3 Moments 3. 3 "The Cloak of Black Velvet" 2. People are screaming. com See full list on looneytunes. Appearance CAST: version 1: Ace Bunny as Jake Clawson (Razor) = Both are aces and using swords Lexi Bunny as Callie Briggs = Both are kind Danger Duck as Chance Furlong (T-Bone) = Both are rivals and using short-tempered Slam Tasmanian as Commander Feral = Both are very muscular Tech E Coyote as Dr. He also acts and talks just like Bugs Bunny. Leeds Unleashed, Leeds. Ace is an adroit, quick-witted, and action-driven leader who galvanizes his crew for each mission. You Might Like . He went missing so his family assumed he was dead. voiced by Charlie Schlatter. 12 "Acmegeddon Part I" 2. Loonatics Unleashed Characters. It is still broadcasting on Female Sonic Characters/Loonatics Unleashed; Freedom Writers (2007)/Loonatics Unleashed; Frozen (MrJoshbumstead's Video Cast) G Garfield/Loonatics Unleashed; J What Loonatics Unleashed Character are you. com List of Loonatics Unleashed characters: | This article details ||fictional characters| in the animated television series ||Loo World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive collection ever assembled. For other related logos and images, see: Title sequences; Descendants of the characters from Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Histeria!, Freakazoid, and Road Rovers also live in this world. Disclaimer: I don't own Loonatics Unleashed. Coyote asShadow Rev Runner asEspio Queen Athena asRouge Melvin The Danger Duck(usually referred to as just Duck) is the deuteragonist ofLoonatics Unleashed. Animationthat ran onKids' WBfor two seasons from 2005[1]to 2007 in theUnited States,TeletooninCanada,Kids Central(now known asOkto) inSingapore, Cartoon Network's Boomerang in Australia,Cartoon Networkin the UK, Italy, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, andCanal 5inMexicoand rerun until September 15, 2007. Popular Wiki Entries. kamo iggmar. 2 "Attack of the Fuzz Balls" 2. The pets become so popular that even Lexi gets one for herself. Languages. 3 Phase 2 1. Sorry if you don't like my OC but I try my best to make the story good. They speak the same as them, but Loonatics Unleashed. Loonatics Unleashed is an American animated television series produced by Warner Bros. Loonatics Unleashed is an American animated TV show produced by Warner Bros. It is the current channel where Loonatics Unleashed was broadcast. Para ver cosas randoms de la serie ya sea memes o cualquier cosa chafa ok no This is the place for Loonatics Unleashed fans! Join Now Create Post . D&D Beyond Loonatics Unleased was an animated series from 2005 about the great great great grandchildren of the original Looney Tunes characters in the year 2773. Each character sported a different color scheme and superpower with a basic superhero episodic plot. He appears to be a small child, only a few inches tall, but he can grow when using his ability to consume energy but shrinks when expending it. For other uses of Wolfe, see Wolfe. 1 Return 2. The Rogues Gallery undertake a strange mission under the urging of Abra Kadabra. "The Fall of Blanc" and "In Search of Tweetums" are the 25th and 26th, two-part episode and the 12nd and 13rd and final episodes of the 2nd season of Loonatics Unleashed. ‎In the year 2772, a cosmic event rocks Acmetropolis unleashing a new kind of hero: The Loonatics. Plot. 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Associations 4 Limitations 5 Known Users Rotational Adaptation Spinning Adaptation User can adapt to any kind of position when rotating, making it so they can rotate in any position no matter how difficult, strenuous or unusual it may be, such as performing a fast rotation while doing yoga poses, or in hard AMFUU is a 400,000th Character than a Future are Longest Characters. Ace Bunny * optical enhancement * laser vision * guardian strike sword * martial arts * leader. He has seen it since the show has came out on TV. Click edit to replace this paragraph with a description of your TV series for your readers. Its premiere date is September 3, 2005 and its ending date is November 25, 2006. 4 Episode Connections 6. Leghorn (2nd time) Kevin Michael Richardson – Slam Tasmanian, Tech E. Woman Animal TF (Dragon) Robot Size (Growth) Robot Size (Growth) Rip Inflation (Muscle) (Revert) Rip The te meteor hit he was out on a little walk. It's triple digits and climbing. General Deuce was once one of Freleng's most powerful generals until Zadavia refused to let him put This article details fictional characters in the animated television series Loonatics Unleashed. So I don't believe I never said this but I absolutely love Loonatics Unleashed. What's up doc?Ace's catchphrase Ace Bunny is the descendant of Bugs Bunny, the leader of the Loonatics and the main protagonist in Loonatics Unleashed. Blue Eyes Eye Beams The Hero Incredibly Lame Pun Infinity+1 Sword - Guardian Strike Sword Red Oni, Blue Oni: The blue to Duck's red. He was played by Chris Jackson. voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson and 3 others. He wears an orange uniform. Ace is a clever, savvy, born leader, and Bugs Bunny and possibly Buster Bunny's (and possibly Lola and Babs's) descendant, who wears his uniform with yellow accents. Redesigned as superheroes in the year 2772 and given superpowers by a meteor that knocked the city planet of Acmetropolis’ axis off kilter, six “descendents” of the classic Looney Tunes characters protect the city from villainy. Could have had a potential if it wasn't all recycled bad anime cliché. He is aformer general of Freleng until Zadavia refused to let him put the entire planet under his command. 1 Frank 1. com Principal voice cast Charlie Schlatter – Ace Bunny Jessica DiCicco – Lexi Bunny Jason Marsden – Danger Duck, Rupes Oberon Candi Milo – Zadavia, Harriet Runner, Misty Breeze, Queen Grannicus Rob Paulsen – Rev Runner, Gorlop, Mr. 6 Phase 5 1. 6 Netflix Toons (Loonatics Unleashed) is Pikachufreak's fan-fiction thing to make. Loonatics Unleashed Charas: Skye A cartoon that tried to cash on the popularity of the Looney Tunes by converting all the characters into shallow clones. AGNEXT. She is the only child of Demitri Wolfe and Arianna Wolfe. While just being clones, they are technically the evil side of the Loonatics. The shows: Animaniacs Teen Titans Detention Histeria! That's Warner Bros. Ace lives up to his name by being one of the skillful … See full list on lul. Based on the Looney Tunes series/franchise, it aired on Kids' WB from September 17, 2005 to May 5, 2007. Koopa and more Ace Bunny as Mario Rev Runner as Luigi Danger Browse the Marvel comic series Monsters Unleashed (2017). Sylth Vester. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Loonatics Unleashed with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at TVGuide. Lexi's brother. 1 Season 1 Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lexi also does gymnastics and cheerleading. The Loonatics fed him enough energy to destroy See full list on it. NEW Loonatics R Characters sheets - Tech. @yakkopinky do you even remember voicing this gem of a character?” Loonatics Unleashed is an action-comedy-adventure series that leaps seven hundred years into the future and introduces the superheroic descendants of the Looney Tunes gang. 4 Slam Tasmanian 1. Danger Duck- Known as Duck. It is based on the Looney Tunes franchise and is meant to combine the irrelevant humor style of the Looney Tune with the aesthetics of a more modern action series. Go ahead, try it out! Use the buttons below to create your first episode and character pages. Before becoming a Legion member, Paco was under the care and supervision of Pierre Le Pew. But him and the Loonatics stopped her and destroyed he r for good. View source. Tech E. The events of Loonatics Unleashed occur in the year 2772, the year that a meteor strikes the fictional city-planet of Acmetropolis, knocking it completely off its original axis. Lexi is SUPWR awesome plus the Best female Rabbit character Like EVER. Coyote Rob Paulsen - Rev Runner Hello, my name is Charles and I’m here to review a cartoon show called Loonatics Unleashed. Loonatics Unleashed Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. 9 "Sypher" 2. Former Colonel of the Acmetropolis Air Force. 1 Personality 2 History 2. It was great. They live in a world where they are the among the very few real live Furries left on Earth, which is strangely renamed Acmetropolis. . 16 Phase 15 1. O desenho estreou nos EUA a 17 de Setembro de 2005, no Brasil a dia 4 de Abril de 2006. Ace Bunny. The Looney Tunes TV franchise went on hiatus after Loonatics Unleashed ended, until The Looney Tunes Show was released in 2011. 1 Rev Runner 1 A new animated series, Loonatics Unleashed, debuts this fall. Bugs Bunny's This is just a little information on the characters. Barry Gordon - Ace Bunny Townsend Coleman - Danger Duck Janice Kawaye - Lexi Bunny Charlie Adler - Tech E. Warner Brothers, in an attempt to “update” their classic Looney Tunes characters, was creating a tv shows & cartoons » Loonatics Unleashed Add a new character! Feature this title! Add this title to your bookmarks. The four Optimatus selects are Massive ( The Big Guy ), Mallory Mastermind ( The Smart Guy ), Weathervane (Berserker), and Sypher (Subversive). Wiki Content. According to Paco, Pierre was only intrested in the illegal death matches and never wanted to spend time with him. Alvin Bunny's descendant. Weathervane is a young woman with the power to control storms. 1 Loonatics 1. He is the spotlight hungry, egotistical member ofThe Loonatics. The series lasted for 2 seasons that consisted of 13 episodes each and total of 26 episodes altogether before ending in May Loonatics Unleashed. Ace Bunny as Buster Bunny Lexi Bunny as Babs Bunny Danger Duck as Plucky Duck Slam Tasmanian as Dizzy Devil Tech E. The other sections, especially the Story section, need to be rearranged in order to be understandable (i. Member of Loonatics. Animation, Loonatics Unleashed is back with more action-packed fun! These animated characters share the same irreverent sense of humor as the Looney Tunes they descend from, yet now, in the year 2772, they have sci-fi super-charged super powers that are all their own. 5 Phase 4 1. He is the descendant of Road Runner. The ability to adapt to rotating in different positions. Think about a newspaper article. It's the series finale. Ace is the team's leader. Coyote asAntoine Rev Runner asRotor Queen Athena asBreezie Melvin The Martian asSnivley Stoney asSleet Bugsy asDingo Ringmaster asDr. The Loonatics can deactiveted towers but not the only them Bruno E Loonatics Unleashed (2005-2007) is a controversial series about characters, based on the classic Looney Tunes gang, who are mutant superheroes (read: The Justice League) in a dark Cyberpunk universe. Robotnik Ace Bunny asSonic Lexi Bunny asAmy Rose Danger Duck asTails Slam Tasmanian asKnuckles Tech E. He acts as a dedicated leader to his group and fights in close proximity of his enemies, using his martial arts skills more than his laser vision. Peachyxs. Orange uniform. voiced by Jason Marsden and 4 others. This episode first aired in Japan on November 21, 2010. History Talk (0) Share. The Loonatics are gathered "Loonatics Unleashed Theme" is the song performed at the beginning of every episode in Loonatics Unleashed series. Animation which aired two seasons from September 17, 2005 till the 5th of May 2007. Slam Tasmanian. Still, some good TF and some good moments. Instead of featuring the classic Looney Tunes characters, Loonatics Unleashed took place in the year 2772, and centered around distant descendants of the popular cartoon characters. He fights in close proximity of his enemies, using his martial arts skills more often than Loonatics: Unleashed is a 2019 film based on the animated series of the same name. Garuda 3. Fudd as Elmer Fudd Ophiuchus Sam Loonatics Unleashed, é um desenho animado produzido pela Warner Bros. History Talk (0) Comments Share. It is Weathervane (voiced by Kaley Cuoco) is a character on Loonatics Unleashed. Fidel Chroniker (voiced by Corey Burton) - the leading scientist of the time displacement theory. Lexi enjoys Other Looney Tunes TV series made during this time were Baby Looney Tunes (2002–05), Duck Dodgers (2003-05) and Loonatics Unleashed (2005–07). 1 Characters 1. Recently Changed Pages. Leghorn, Despite Their This page refers to the Loonatics Unleashed fan character, Skye Wolfe. , seguida da Merrie Melodies. The meteor's energy gifted him with magnetic manipulation powers as well as the ability to regenerate his body after being disintegrated or suffering injury (a likely reference to his ancestor's tendency to suffer grueling injuries yet rapidly ‎From Warner Bros. After trying to convince Pierre that the Enjoy!Loonatics Unleashed season 1. Coyote is one of the main characters of Loonatics Unleashed. The first season featured a narration by Candi Milo (the voice of Zadavia), following by an instrumental score. 6 0. All three Loonatics Unleashed is another one of MrJoshbumstead's favorite shows to watch. 10 Phase 9 1. 11 Phase 10 1. Paula worked as an intern for Misty Breeze at the Acmetropolis news station. Just like Queen Grannicus and The Royal Tweetums, he's also a native of Planet Blanc (as seen in the episode The Fall of Blanc). Branden and Louis' brother. 11 "The Menace of Mastermind" 2. She Lexi Bunny is a main character and the tritagonist in Loonatics Unleashed. Bless Unleashed allows you to join forces with friends and allies to unfold their story against the great enemies that threaten the vast open world of Lumios. Animation that ran on the Kids' WB for two seasons from 2005[1] to 2007 in the United States, Teletoon in Canada, Kids Central (now known as Okto) in Singapore, Cartoon Network's Boomerang in Australia, Cartoon Network in the UK, Italy, Southeast Asia and Latin America, and XHGC in Mexico. Coyote Rev Runner as Road Runner Naza Jordan as Micheal Jordan Royal Tweetums as Tweety Bird Mr. A page for describing Characters: Loonatics Unleashed. Sylth Vester wears a large suit of cyborg body armor, which covers various injuries inflicted by his previous encounters with Loonatics Unleashed is an action-comedy animated series which debuted on the Kids' WB! on September 2005. com See full list on lul. 4 Rolf 1. He is a bit of a trickster and likes to poke fun at both friends and enemies alike, much like his ancestor Bugs. com/wiki/List_of_Loonatics_Unleashed_characters?oldid=139725 ". A brief mention of ancestry in regards to a minor character and a mention from the creators doesn't mask that. DO NOT HESITATE TO ADD THE PROPER NAME IF AVAILABLE. Add a 1 Intro 2 Season 1 2. Blue uniform. Danger Duck. And So I hope you like whats to come! Cartoons: Loonatics Unleashed fanfiction archive with over 723 stories. Bigger, much bigger! Ace Bunny as Bugs Bunny Lexi Bunny as Lola Bunny Danger Duck as Daffy Duck Slam as Taz Tech E. Second-in-Command of Loonatics. Available on iTunes Join the descendants of the classic Looney Tunes characters, who become super-powered heroes. ’ new animated action-comedy Loonatics Unleashed brings us yet more clones of their most famous characters. Its original Loonatics Unleashed. Coyote - Joey Felt (Atomic Puppet) Rev Runner - Corey Riffin (Grojband) Naza Jordan - Quagmire [Family Guy] CartoonAnimationFan05's TV-Spoof of "Loonatics Unleashed" Ace Bunny - Gumball (The Amazing World of Gumball) Danger Duck - Darwin (The Amazing World of Gumball) Lexi Bunny - Penny (The Amazing World of Gumball) Rev Runner - Spark (Spark: A Space Tail) Tech E. Coyote is super smart. This page only shows primary logo variants. O desenho é baseado nos Looney Tunes com uma série considerada pela Warner uma comédia de ação. He is also a very capable martial artist and swordsman. It was released on March 19, 2020. Duck: Rules are made to be broken. Loona X Star 1 Magazine Png Pack By Peachyxs. Acexi is the het ship betwee Ace Bunny and Lexi Bunny from the Loonatics Unleashed fandom. The Loonatics! Loonatics Unleashed Evolution Season 3; Loonatics: Acmetropolitan Heroes; Lexi Bunny is a main character and the tritagonist in Loonatics Unleashed. He meditates to maintain any temper that may arise. and Lucy Loud from The Loud Traffic is rumbling. org This article details fictional characters in the animated television series Loonatics Unleashed. By Bill Gibron / 5 October 2005 . He wears a red uniform. The meteor is responsible for the super powers of the main characters who are based on such Loony Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He fashions skunk-colored hair, a French accent, Ophiuchus Sam. Loonatics Unleashed. Gunnar the Conqueror: Ooh, I will enjoy crushing you, rabbit! Ace Bunny: Oh yeah, like that's ever going to happen. Elite Four: Optimatus frees four select villains in the Loonatics' Rogues Gallery from prison capsules, to occupy/overrun the Loonatics while Optimatus engineers a coup d'etat on planet Blanc. But we can’t help wishing Warner Bros. Lexi is the triagonist of loonatics unleashed. and Lucy Loud from The Loud So I don't believe I never said this but I absolutely love Loonatics Unleashed. Lexi: Tech, is that a new toy? Tech: My latest and perhaps greatest invention, the Gluco-Gel 9000. He is a descendant of Daffy Duck. 5 "Going Underground" 2. Even from the clutches of The Nega Loonatics are the enemies ofLoonatics Unleashed Season 3. 1 Zadavia 2. History Talk (0) Trending pages. When Lexi and Danger are caught by Professor Zane, the rest of the Loonatics drop off the Fuz-Zs at HQ and initiate the "Turbo Vac-Jet Mode" of the vehicle to speed to Zane's lair to rescue their captured comrades. Still, it did made an impact. 1 Notes 6. Ace Bunny as Sonic Lexi Bunny as Sally Danger Duck asTails Slam Tasmanian asKnuckles Tech E. She dreamed of becoming the city-planet's weather girl, but her young age prevented her from being able to do any more than get coffee for Misty. Warner Bros. Garuda 1. 3 Tech E. Ace Bunny- Talisman. com See full list on warnerbros. However, instead of destroying the planet, the impact of The Loonatics: Ace Bunny Beware the Nice Ones: The calmest and most laid back character in the series but he can go into Tranquil Fury and open a can of whoop-ass on his enemies without flinching. In addition of Life-Force Absorption , Ann Marie LeBeau/Rogue (Marvel Comics) can take on the powers of others. Each attack is committed simultaneous Underworld Unleashed was a three issue limited series published on a bi-weekly shipping schedule from November to December of 1995. 2 Lexi Bunny 4. Check out individual issues, and find out how to read them! “Who else remembers Loonatics Unleashed?! Rev Runner was possible one of the best characters, beside Tech E. 87 Looney Tunes characters Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Road Runner, Wile (check sp) E. 15 Phase 14 1. Coyote, Slam Tasmanian, Rev Runner 2 Loonatics Unleashed: Return of the Avengers 3 Episodes 4 Season 1: 2010-2011 5 Season 2: 2010-2011 6 Season 3: 2010-2011 7 Season 4: 2011-2012 8 Season 5: 2011-2012 9 Season 6: 2011-2012 10 Characters 11 Sagas & Arcs 12 Nexus Saga 12. As a member of the Loonatics, Tech acts as the team's source of various crime fighting gadgets and vehicles, typically as the situation requires. Coyote 1. Bia is the descendant of Penelope Pitstop from "Wacky Races" and "The Many Perils of Penelope Pitstop". New Discoveries[1]A second new dungeon area where the Butcher Gang enemies can be unlocked. After thawing the city, the Loonatics meet their newest foe--The ice men. Home Ask Submit Fan Art Archive Fanfictions. In this alternative Universe, Lexi became an idol and they story start when she met one of her reflect singing Susume Tomorrow. See full list on lul. The Loonatics is a great Tv show but have you ever wondered what character you would be if you were on the show I have. If there's anything you'd like to say that's not derived from episodes, but maybe comes from interviews that actors or crew Characters. 13 Phase 12 1. They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: The whole Loonatics team seems to suffer from this. 48 Pages. Until he stole former Loonatics apprentice Quick Gonzeles and quickly fell in love. He is a Trending pages. He was voiced by Jason Marsden who also voiced Max Goof, Kovu from The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride, Nermal from The Garfield Show, Chester McBadbat from The Fairly See full list on heykidscomics. com Gunnar the Conqueror: Yes, we will! Ace Bunny: Yes, you will! Gunnar the Conqueror: No, we will not conquer your world! Ace Bunny: Have it your way. Coyote 4. Leghorn 3. 98 relations. Leghorn as Fowlmouth (Fowlmouth's LU counterpart is Mr. Now the loonatics need invastigate that misteryus towers, and a new enemy wake up for centurys an enemy artificial intelligence. Animation that ran on Kids' WB for two seasons from 2005 [1] to 2007 in the United States, Teletoon in Canada, Kids Central (now known as Okto) in Singapore, Cartoon Network's Boomerang in Australia, Cartoon Network in the UK, Italy, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, and Canal 5 in Mexico and rerun until Rev Runner is the sixth main character of Loonatics Unleashed and one of the members of the Loonatics. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. In love with Trixie. 12 Phase 11 1. This series takes place on the City-Planet of Acmetropolis, as well as on Planet Freleng and Planet Blanc in the year 2772. This is the first major update since online multiplayer A page for describing Funny: Loonatics Unleashed. 2 Phase 1 1. Loonatics Unleashed The characters section is a complete mess; the majority of the entries are written like a grade-school 'primer' textbook, and some of the entries are becoming too long. Leghorn as Foghorn Leghorn (Foghorn's LU counterpart is Mr. 1 Ace Bunny 1. Feel free to take the spot as one of the Loonatics Unleashed characters or one of your own Fan Character! Main Characters Ace Bunny Lexi Bunny Rev Runner - Tech E Coyote Danger Duck Slam Allies Zadavia Dr. wikipedia. History Talk (0) Characters appearing in Loonatics Unleashed. It had “awful” written all over it. Sylth Vester is the future descendant of Sylvester and perhaps Sylvester Junior too. 9 Phase 8 1. Coyote. She is the descendant of Lola Bunny and Ace's potential love interest. Her real name is Paula Hayes. D&D Beyond Loonatics Unleashed Wikipedia's Loonatics Unleashed as translated by GramTrans La ĉi-suba teksto estas aŭtomata traduko de la artikolo Loonatics Unleashed article en la angla Vikipedio , farita per la sistemo GramTrans on 2018-01-11 00:47:40. The series was produced by Warner Bros. The Loonatics are the titular main protagonists of Loonatics Unleashed. 000000000000000. 1 Season 1 4 Fandom This section is in need of major improvement. 17 Bless Unleashed is a stunning fantasy genre MMORPG developed on Unreal Engine 4, integrated with a new type of combat system which players can experience and enjoy. "The Comet Cometh" even goes through the trouble of showing every member's varied pre-Loonatics backstory, most of which doesn't really connect to the present-day story in any meaningful way other than expositing on their skills and motivations. Leghorn (voiced by Bill Farmer [reprising the role]) - a wealthy person of Acmetropilis based on Foghorn Leghorn. loonaticsunleashed loonaticsunleashedoc loonaticsunleashedocs loonatics_unleashed loonaticsunleashedfanart Casually makes a second group based on other looney tunes characters. Like his ancestor, Tech E. Season 1 "Loonatics on Ice" "Attack of the Fuzz Balls" "The Cloak of Black Velvet" "Weathering Heights" "Going Underground (Loonatics)" "The Comet Cometh" "The World is My Circus" "Stop the World, I Want to Get Off" "Sypher" Danger Duck is one of the main characters and deuteragonist of Loonatics Unleashed. She is voiced by Jessica DiCicco, best known for voicing Malina from The Emperor's New School, Selina from Winx Club, Lynn Loud Jr. Let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it. Ace Bunny has infrared laser vision Hey, It's That Voice!: Candi Milo is the voice of Zadavia; Rob Paulsen is the voice of Rev Runner; Kevin Michael Richardson is Tech E. You'll want to fill it with the most important aspects of the character's life. Characters. fandom. By PurpleLuckyStar Watch. the cast of characters including Ace Bunny, Lexi Bunny, Danger Duck, Slam, Tech E. Ace Bunny (Charlie Schlatter) - according to his file being downloaded by Rupes Oberon, he was born 12/12/54, he was a stunt actor, and when he gained his abilities quit the stunt acting!, he is currently age 18 in 2772 See full list on ideas. In the year 2772, a meteor strikes the City Planet of Acmetropolis, causing all six future Loonatics (and a number of their future adversaries) to Descendants of the characters from Tiny Toons, Animaniacs, Histeria!, Freakazoid!, and Road Rovers also live in this world. Given little explanation, they agree to strike at five specific though seemingly unremarkable locations across the United States. 36 Comments Tech E. Adventure 2005. Below are the heroes, villains and minor characters of the series. e. 1 History 2 General Knowledge 3 Personality 4 Relationships 4. Production notes Created by Zephyros-Phoenix Appearances Shades of Gray Skye Wolfe was a member of the Loonatics, having been recruited by Zadavia, and the ex-girlfriend of Tech E. Loonatics Unleashed is ostensibly the story of Bugs and Daffy's great-great-great-great grandsons fighting crime in the future, but it isn't. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember … In Loonatics Unleashed, his descendant is Danger Duck (voiced by Jason Marsden), who is also lame and unpopular to his teammates. 6 Rev Runner 2 Original allies 2. Sad that it ended within two seasons. D&D Beyond Loonatics Unleashed by WinxPossible. Before gaining his powers, Ace was a martial arts stunt double working Character name is This first section is called a lead. So each fight is a kind of a guessing game for both the characters fighting and the reader. Duck longs to one day lead the Loonatics, though he does seem to tolerate Ace's leadership. Jake. Each of them communicate by text messages. 1 The Fall of Blanc 1. 1 Plot 1. 1 Battle for Acmetropolis Arc 12. Duck is a descendant of Daffy Duck (who is The Hunter is the 20th episode and the 7th episode of the 2nd season of Loonatics Unleashed 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Home Video releases 4 Development 5 Gallery 6 Trivia 6. See full list on looneytunes. Coyote as Calamity Coyote Rev Runner as Little Beeper Naza Jordan as NancyJordan Royal Tweetums as Sweetie Pie (Sweetie's LU counterpart is Royal Tweetums, Despite Their different Genders) Mr. 13 "Acmegeddon Part II" 3 Season 2 3. 72 Favourites. 2 Future of Loonatics Arc Loonatics Unleashed (2005-2007) is a controversial series about characters, based on the classic Looney Tunes gang, who are mutant superheroes (read: The Justice League) in a dark Cyberpunk universe. Zephyros-Phoenix. Rip Runner - Rev Runner's younger brother. In my AU,She is the main protagonist in DSL. Rev Runner; Danger Duck; Ace Bunny; Melissa Joan Hart; Rob Paulsen This category is for pages and files that relate to Loonatics Unleashed fan characters. 64 Favourites 7 Comments 591 Views. Enjoy your time here!. 3 Danger Duck 1. He is a head-spinningly quick character in more ways than one. It will appear on Google Drive in the near future. These are recommendations made by Tropers for Loonatics Unleashed fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. 6 Billy 2 PlayStation release After If Loonatics Uneashed came out in the 1990's instead of the 2000's here is what the voice actors for each character would have been if Loonatics Unleashed was a 1990's cartoon. Home; SPECX Technology; Blog Back to LUO → Loonatics Unleashed Online message boards → Loonatics, Villains, & Other Characters Forum Statistics Registered Members: 818 Topics: 2,485 Total Posts: 117,014 The following article is based on a subject that has no agreed upon name; the current title is merely a placeholder and is subject to change. Coyote, and Rev Runner fighting crime in the 28th centery after the result of a medior crashing into the city planet of Acmetropolis. Living in the year 2772 Characters. 2 Errors 6. 3 Cultural References 6. Trixie Russo Duck- Member of Loonatics. Lexi Bunny; Ace Bunny; See full list on lul. com Main Loonatics Unleashed Cast. Bugs Bunny's Loading. ! The Zeta Project Ozzy & Drix Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island! Static Shock Other topics: Kids' WB! Warner Bros. Riley - Abby Cadabby (Sesame Street) Jill - Jo Reynolds (Melrose Place) Bill - Charles Reynolds (Melrose Place) Joy - Jerry (Tom and Jerry) Sadness - Bright Heart Raccoon (The Care Bears Family) Disgust - Carrie (The Amazing World of Gumball) Anger - Benson (Regular Show) Fear - Bentley (Sly Cooper) Bing Bong - Doraemon Jill's Joy It’s official–Watch Dogs: Legion Update 1 has been unleashed upon the world, or at least on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, and PC. Before gaining her powers, Lexi was a student at Acmetropolis University who tried to join the school's cheerleading squad. Fan blog dedicated to the show Loonatics Unleashed. The Fall of Blanc it's aired on April 28, 2007 and In Search of Tweetums it's aired on May 5, 2007 on Kids' WB. 1 Original 1. The show starts out in the year 2772 till episode 6 where in a year has passed since a meteor struck the planet city of Acmetropolis. Heroes of Acmetropolis, and the guardians of the universe. Welcome to the Wiki. Looney Tunes foi a primeira série de animação cinematográfica da Warner Bros. N Zyme = Both are very genius Rev Runner as Commander Felina = Both are fast Naza Jordan as Ulysses Feral Jan 26, 2016 - Lexi Bunny. 100. "The Strongest Super Saiyan! Trunks' Power Unleashed!" (超ちょうパワー覚かく醒せい!父ベジータを超こえたトランクス, Chō-Pawā Kakusei! Bejīta o Koeta Torankusu, lit. Coyote and the Tazmanian Devil are heroes of the past in the Loonatics 2772 AD world, but their offspring are a definite threat to be reckoned with thanks to a meteor strike on earth which endowed each of them with special powers. Others. Trending pages. 5 Tech E. It is directed by Guillermo De Toro. 4 Rev Runner 4. Para ver cosas randoms de la serie ya sea memes o cualquier cosa chafa ok no Loonatics Unleashed is aTV show featuring super hero descendants of theLooney Tunes. Lexi Bunny Action Girl Beware the Nice Ones: Very laid back but a Premieres. Member since Aug 2018 . He is the archenemy of Ace Bunny. Can anything possibly cool this heat wave off? An iceberg drifts toward Acmetropolis from the ocean and pushes inland due to a supernatural force. She is voiced by Mae Whitman. Leader of the Loonatics. In the year 2772, a meteor strikes the City Planet of Acmetropolis, causing all six future Loonatics (and a number of their future adversaries) to gain super powers. Follow us on our official channels below. 5 Slam Tasmanian 4. Public Chatrooms . 2 Stephanie 1. Supporting Characters Zadavia (voiced by Grey DeLisle-Griffin) - the Loonatics' beautiful yet mysterious supervisor. 1 "Loonatics on Ice" 2. My Loonatics Unleashed! Create your new ocs! Write a description about your topic. Misty Breeze - Acmetropolis weather girl. They give various missions to the player, which varies depending on the character's position in the company. Lexi Bunny- Edge. Bugs Bunny's descendant. Yellow uniform. To add an article, image, or category to this category, append [[Category:Loonatics Unleashed characters]] to the end of its page. Ace x Lexi Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Danger Duck's love interest. 4041. draze-a. The Loonatics are turned into circus freaks and they battle to escape. 1 Cast 2 Episodes 2. , reduce the amount of spoilers and merge Loonatics Unleashed. And the negating powers can be just about anything, so the fights are as complex as they are compelling. And no Loonatics at all in either of the announcements, which leads me to believe that the show is done. Rev Runner; Danger Duck; Ace Bunny; Melissa Joan Hart; Rob Paulsen “Unleashed,” nicely shot in a variety of Bay Area locations, is a film without a mean bone in its body, and it’s bound to please some animal lovers out there. He is the descendant of Daffy Duck and possibly of Tina Russo. More Creepy Enemies Wander[1]New returning enemies: Piper, Fisher, and Striker New Playable Character[1]Lost One: The second playable character but moves very slow. 10 "Time After Time" 2. 611 likes · 8 talking about this. Animation e veiculada pelo Kids WB! e Cartoon Network. com Other Looney Tunes-inspired characters Mr. The plasma energy core fires an impenetrab In this third season of Loonatics Unleashed (portrayed as a fan-fiction series), The Loonatics come back to Acmetropolis before the citizens turn their backs against him, But as disaster strikes when an evil supervillain organization by the name The European Daggers are on the loose of crime, the Loonatics will do whatever it takes to protect their beloved home town. Loonatics Unleashed might even have been welcome in 1995, but in 2005 it's a reminder of far darker days, and possibly (pray to any gods you worship that I am wrong) a harbinger of more to come. Loonatics Unleashed Rulex's Movie Spoof of Inside Out. The captain, afraid she was too good, did not accept her. II. Leghorn is a human who is based on Foghorn Leghorn. Harriet "Ma" Runner - Rev and Rip's mother, Ralph's wife. Chopper Bunny- Shamrock. Loonatics Chara: Camille Wolfe. Quite a lot of "The Heir up There", especially due to the Royal Tweetums' and Sylth Vester's dynamic … . Over two seasons and twenty six episodes have aired in a full episode format. 8 Phase 7 1. Uranimated18's TV-spoof of "Loonatics Unleashed" Ace Bunny - Ian Kelly (Being Ian) Danger Duck - Harvey Beaks Lexi Bunny - Abby Hatcher Slam Tasmanian - X-5 (Atomic Betty) Tech E. Mr. 4 Phase 3 1. Coyote and Slam Tasmanian; Danger Duck is brought to you by Jason Marsden; Lexi is voiced by Jessica DiCicco, probably better known for her roles as Malina in The Emperors New School and Maggie Pesky in The Buzz on Maggie. Chopper's Loonatics Unleashed. Ralph "Pa" Runner - Rev and Rip's father, Harriet's husband. Stay up to date and receive the latest news from Bless Unleashed PC. These animated characters share the same irreverent sense of humor as the Looney Tunes they descend from, yet their sci-fi super-charged super powers are all their own! Proof that the remaining 10% is worth dying for here. Having a different tone to typical Looney Tunes formula, it features stylized, dark superhero descendants of numerous characters while incorporating classic style Looney Tunes humor into its stories. Loonatics Unleashed (TV Series 2005–2007) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Coyote as Toad Laura Jane Coyote as Toadette Slam Tasmanian as Donkey Kong Stoney as Wario Bugsy as Waluigi Melvin the Martian as Mouser Ringmaster as Bowser Queen Athena as Wendy O. This category is for pages and files that relate to Loonatics Unleashed fan characters. Ace is very concerned with his friends safety, and would choose their safety over that of Acmetropolis. Unlike his ancestor, Paco is very shy around girls and tends to use his tail has his hiding place. 2014 Characters Main Characters Loonatics. Daffy has also been given larger roles in more recent Looney Tunes films and series. He is a big name in the world of professional Pierre Le Pew. voiced by Jessica DiCicco and 1 other. His weapon of choice is a collapsible sword, revealed in the second season to be a Frelengian energy weapon a reference to Friz Freleng) called the Guardian Strike Sword. Except Rip, he’s just now part of the team. Put the best stuff up front! Use this section to give greater details about the character's life. 3 This article details fictional characters in the animated television series Loonatics Unleashed. Unlike the rest of the team, Skye does not LoonaticsRoleplay is about roleplaying and interacting with the Loonatics Unleashed as well as some of the OCs. com See full list on en. She is the descendant of Lola Bunny. loonatics unleashed characters